Robin Soderling’s career has gone down hill since 2011

Robin Soderling’s life has completely changed from what it was some time back. In 2011, he was a very talented player who had just started to mature and was going up pretty quickly.

Three years down the line, that same Soderling is an administrator who is in charge of the organization of the tennis tournaments in his motherland Sweden.

It’s a really, really sad story. What a start Soderling had to the 2011 season. He had become the champion in 3 out of the 4 tournaments that he had taken part in which had helped him climb the rankings. He had got himself to no. 4 in the world.

His career seemed to be taking off, but, then, a peculiar sort of sickness hit him. It did not seem to be a dangerous sickness at the start, surely not dangerous enough to destroy Soderling’s career.

Soderling even went on to lift one more trophy that season after the diagnosis of that sickness, but, as time went by, he kept getting wakened and his body did not remain in a condition for him to be able to play at the professional level.

His fans, however, remained optimistic about his comeback. He himself was optimistic too. He even attempted to start training earlier this year, but, all in vain. He quickly realized his body was not supporting him.

Recalling those days, Soderling says, “When I was fit, I used to have two rounds of practice, but, now, it’s not possible. After one round, it seems there is nothing there in the tank. My body has given me clear signs that I am done as a player.”

Soderling has shifted his focus on the other things now. Administration is one of them, while, the second is the production of balls.

Wawrinka Unhappy With Reschedules

Stanislas Wawrinka is not happy with how his matches in this year’s Wimbledon Championships have been rescheduled.

Wawrinka actually had to play in the Round of 32 on Saturday, but, that match got washed off and the members of the organizing committee decided to postpone that match to Monday.

Wawrinka managed to win that match against Denis Istomin on Monday, but, now, he has to play his next match against Feliciano Lopez tomorrow itself.

If he wins that one, he will have to be ready for the quarter final match within 24 hours. Now, this is tough on any player and thus, Wawrinka’s unhappiness can be understood.

Talking to the reporters at the end of his match against Istomin, Wawrinka said, “The Grand Slam matches are never easy as they are quite lengthy. You have to have three sets in your favour to win. So, you need a bit of break after a match, at least of one day, but, according to this schedule, one out of me, John and Feliciano will be playing on three days successively. This is going to be extremely difficult.”

“I am surely a bit upset. The organizers could have been flexible. If they had rescheduled a junior match and had made me or even John and Feliciano play earlier that day, it would have been much better. But, you know as a player, it’s not possible for you to do anything about these stuffs. You are just supposed to play whenever you are told to.”

Wawrinka, who is the top ranked Swiss player in the world now ahead of Roger Federer, is eager to make a mark at All England Club this season. His performance at that particular venue in the past has not been up to the mark.

Rodriguez No Longer Part Of Li Na

Carlos Rodriguez, who has played a key role in reviving Li Na’s career in the last couple of years, is not going to be associated with the player any more. He has left his position about 1 and half years prior to the completion of his contract.

Rodriguez is also contracted to a tennis academy in China and it’s actually from there, Li had taken him on rent.

The officials of that academy had no problem with it initially, but, now, they have started feeling that Carlos has not been able to give enough time to the academy because he has to travel a lot with Li. So, they have decided to call the Argentinean back on a full time basis.

Max Eisenbud, who is the representative of quite a few tennis players including Li, gave all this info to the media yesterday.

Speaking to the media, Eisenbud said, “We had an agreement with the academy to let Carlos work with Li, but, they have told us now that they no longer can allow him to do both the jobs.”

When asked about Li’s reaction to this, he said, “Well, she is obviously not that happy. This is an awkward sort of a situation, but, you know, nothing much can be done about it.”

Rodriguez has had great record as coach over the years. He had guided Justine Henin, the Belgian female player, to as many as 7 slam trophies.

Being impressed by his work as Henin’s coach, Li had taken him on board and he helped the Chinese superstar a lot.

Some significant improvements came in Li’s game after she started working with Rodriguez. She would have liked to keep working with the Argentinean for another season or so, but, it’s not going to be the case now.

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French Open 2014: Greg Rusedski comments that Andy Murray has a good chance of beating Nadal in the semi finals

Seems like Greg Rusedski is of the idea that, Andy Murray has a good chance of bagging the French Open Title this year, more than ever. The former No. 2 of Britain commented that the two sets Murray played against Gael Monfils at the quarter finals were top notch and the best of what he had seen on any clay court. There is a lot of positives going on right now about Murray and things are falling perfectly into place for him. And there is absolutely no reason whatsoever why he cannot win the game this time.

Although he is facing off Rafael Nadal, the great thing is that he can go ahead for this game with no apprehensions at all, since there is nothing to lose.

In order to discuss the prospects of Murray in the game, Rusedki took time out of his coaching job. Talking about Murray he said that, facing Nadal might sure be a big challenge for him, nevertheless he has been very impressed with his performances throughout the championships. He further added about Murray’s surgery saying that recovering from a major back surgery within such a short span isn’t a small deal and his face off against Philipp Kohlschreiber was definitely tough for him, but still he managed to bag the game impressively.

Next he went ahead and defeated Fernando Verdasco the day after, which psychologically was most essential for him. Post his glorious victory against Verdasco, he crushed Gael Monfils. His winning streak is definitely on a rise, and whatever he does from now onwards will only work as a bonus for him. There is quite a good chance he might as well bag the game against Nadal in the semi finals.

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