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Robin Soderling Reveals How Federer Would Have Beaten Rafael Nadal To No 1

Federer had a wonderful performance and he ended the season as world No 2 by winning two Grand Slams, but he couldn’t catch his old foe Rafael Nadal in top spot. Despite claiming number ATP events (7-6) Federer was still unable to make up the ground on the Spaniard.

On the other hand, Nadal played more frequent as shown by his win record of 67-11 to Federer’s 52-5 for the year. In the middle of the season, Roger Federer took a break and he missed all the events on clay to ensure he remain in top shape for the rest of the year, however, in and around Paris, he gave Nadal a clear run. For the season, but Federer finished 1040 points behind Nadal, this means that one more tournament of Federer could have made the difference.
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