Soderling Still Optimistic About Return

Whenever you think about Rafael Nadal’s brilliant achievements at Roland Garros, one name that would automatically come to your mind is Robin Soderling because he is the one and only player to have got better of Nadal in the French Open in the last one decade. But, unfortunately, after winning such a big game, he was hit by a sever disease which ruined his career.

Soderling has just made one or two appearances in the professional circuit in the last 3 years. There are many people who believe that his career is almost over now as having reached 30 years of age, it’s very hard for him to return, but, the Swedish player himself has not given up.

Talking to a website a few days ago, Soderling said that he was still optimistic about coming back on the tour one day.

The former French Open finalist said, “I have not hung my racquets. I am still willing to make a comeback at some point of time in the future. Tennis has been a part of my life since I was a small kid. So, it’s very, very difficult to leave it.”

“I don’t want to be forced to retirement. My desire is to retire only when my heart tells me to do so and at the moment, my heart is telling me that there is still a lot of tennis left in me.”

“I draw inspiration from Tommy Haas. Have a look at him. He is in his mid thirties, but, still, is no. 21 in the world. That’s remarkable.”

Soderling had made his way to the professional arena in 2001 and in his initial years, he performed quite wonderfully. He was being seen as the next big thing in the male’s game before he suffered that illness.