Robin Soderling Struggling with Fitness

Robin Soderling’s life has completely changed from what it was some time back. In 2011, he was a very talented player who had just started to mature and was going up pretty quickly.

Three years down the line, that same Soderling is an administrator who is in charge of the organization of the tennis tournaments in his motherland Sweden.

It’s a really, really sad story. What a start Soderling had to the 2011 season. He had become the champion in 3 out of the 4 tournaments that he had taken part in which had helped him climb the rankings. He had got himself to no. 4 in the world.

His career seemed to be taking off, but, then, a peculiar sort of sickness hit him. It did not seem to be a dangerous sickness at the start, surely not dangerous enough to destroy Soderling’s career.

Soderling even went on to lift one more trophy that season after the diagnosis of that sickness, but, as time went by, he kept getting wakened and his body did not remain in a condition for him to be able to play at the professional level.

His fans, however, remained optimistic about his comeback. He himself was optimistic too. He even attempted to start training earlier this year, but, all in vain. He quickly realized his body was not supporting him.

Recalling those days, Soderling says, “When I was fit, I used to have two rounds of practice, but, now, it’s not possible. After one round, it seems there is nothing there in the tank. My body has given me clear signs that I am done as a player.”

Soderling has shifted his focus on the other things now. Administration is one of them, while, the second is the production of balls.