Nadal VS Soderling 31/05/09 (HQ) Resume of The Game

Robin Soderling Video Score: three / 5

  • By nbss, July 24, 2014 @ 4:10 pm

    I hated Soderling for that win, but come on, the guy deserve some honory
    medal/cup or something for what he did that day, his achievement is
    becoming more and more significant as years past by

  • By hopy51, July 24, 2014 @ 5:01 pm

    Lol. Comment from jumba146: “Poor Rafa. Was hoping he would win French open
    5 times in a row like Federer did both in Wimbledon and US Open. Sad day.”

    Five years later-Nadal takes fifth RG in a row. What a legend! Vamos

  • By Bostero3771, July 24, 2014 @ 5:32 pm

    Just lost to Wawrinka in Australia and we are back to the “injury”
    bullshit. If anyone can show me ONE time when Nadal got injured when he was
    WINNING a match we will debate. Every “injury” has appeared when he lost
    matches he thought he was going to win…Soderling, Rosol, Wawrinka…

  • By Miles Kotey, July 24, 2014 @ 5:55 pm

    Darcis at last years Wimbledon too

  • By DreamTimKG, July 24, 2014 @ 6:08 pm

    @timafi Borg played at a time when only a few players bothered to play the
    Australian Open. Besides back then that Grand Slam took place in december.

  • By Fanatic, July 24, 2014 @ 6:45 pm

    Let’s be honest everyone enjoys supporting the underdog.

    Robin Soderling defeating Rafael Nadal at the French Open is an upset that
    will be remembered for years to come. Incidentally that loss is Nadal’s
    only defeat at the Roland Garros.

  • By foul01, July 24, 2014 @ 6:58 pm

    your becker and mcenroe description should swap with each other. plus, you
    forgot to consider that Borg only palyed the australian once, in fact, few
    players cared for the AO back in his time. And connors and wilander won on
    all surfaces in grand slams, when the AO and USO were still played on more
    than hardcourt. other than that, you’re pretty much right if you wanna
    argue federer is the greatest

  • By Lukabby, July 24, 2014 @ 7:40 pm

    I Think the bad step Nadal Took during the match when he almost fall…
    well fall got his knee condition worse, so now he have to quit queen’s

  • By lbetweenthebars, July 24, 2014 @ 8:30 pm

    @cj397 yes, I know that, very much so. however, I do think that “shit
    happens” is used to defend certain players and completely disregarded when
    it comes to others.

  • By Milot Sheremeti, July 24, 2014 @ 9:05 pm

    LOL..Come on don’t be so arrogant..!!Federer is the King nadal may be the
    Prince lol..why its so hard for you to accept it..!!..!!he Showed us that
    he is a legend he broke all the DEAL WITH IT!!

  • By Aikisbest, July 24, 2014 @ 9:44 pm

    Indeed. Nadal is a fucking diva, he reminds me of some football players
    like c.ronaldo…

  • By Grivigro, July 24, 2014 @ 9:48 pm

    bad day HAHAHA

  • By Bostero3771, July 24, 2014 @ 10:13 pm

    None of that qualifies as “injury”, real or invented. WIbmy 08 and AO 09
    were 5 hour 5 set matches, hardly considered “whippings” (remember Delpo
    triple 6-2 vs Nadal at USO or Murray’s two set and 3-0 advantage?)somewhat
    different…. look up the youtube interview with Federer after his loss at
    Wimby. “I had some chances but Rafa served too well”…. hardly an excuse..
    AO? “I gave the match away” is a criticism of his own playing, not an
    injury excuse. Even cruyng he gave full credit to Nadal…

  • By Me Fein, July 24, 2014 @ 10:40 pm

    Revenge will be Rafa’s!! Only one king of clay !!!

  • By Mike Strater, July 24, 2014 @ 10:42 pm

    u just ate the shit you just loosen.

  • By cj397, July 24, 2014 @ 11:35 pm

    You do realize these guys are human like the rest of us. They’re not
    robots, Everyone in tennis history has had a bad day, in horrible timing,
    and terrible matches. shit happens.

  • By Andy Kordyban, July 24, 2014 @ 11:39 pm

    probably the greatest upset in tennis history.

  • By MrSportsReporter, July 25, 2014 @ 12:25 am

    federer won !

  • By french sercerte verthy, July 25, 2014 @ 12:49 am

    es muy dificil conseguir 5 titulos consecutivos en los GS ,,lastima q no lo
    consiguio pero ya se le veia a Nadal q no llegaba a la final ,,lo de
    repetir wimbledon lo tiene tambien muy dificil ,,,los otros tenistas le van
    a jugar de igual a igual ,,,,igual q a Federer y es ahi donde tiene q salir
    lo gran tenista q es ,,hay varios ya asomandose ,,

  • By nickhockey96, July 25, 2014 @ 1:10 am

    @insaneeaglesfanatic Are you saying that Nadal shouldnt say that? He DID
    lose the match because of injuries, another thing injuries did is degrade
    his confidence causing him to never play aggresively as his usual self And
    he also said that “he wasnt playing well”even though i never heard that it
    was because of his injuries, I give the point about not giving soderling
    any credit but hey, you were going to try and win your best GS again and
    you lost, he was tired and frustrated…

  • By melande1966, July 25, 2014 @ 1:21 am

    @noircei16 Nadal is the man !

  • By goallervamos, July 25, 2014 @ 1:22 am

    Nadal attitude was respectful. Also, he did not say that the ONLY reason he
    lost was because of his injuries.

  • By melande1966, July 25, 2014 @ 2:20 am

    @piratasidonie i agree with you go nada ! Vamos nadal !

  • By timafi ., July 25, 2014 @ 2:30 am

    Borg didn’t win shit outside of Paris and London Becker didn’t win in Paris
    or the Australian Connors never won in Paris,NEVER made 1 finals Mats
    Wilander never even made a seminfial at Wimbledon Edberg never won in Paris
    McEnroe never won in Paris either Chang didn’t win anything else but 1 slam
    in Paris no Wimbledon or USO for Kafelnikov your boy Pete was never a
    factor in the French capital because he NEVER made the finals! so your post
    is stupid to say the least!

  • By timafi ., July 25, 2014 @ 3:29 am

    6 Wimbledon wins for Federer to 1 for Nadal as much as Nadal dominates on
    clay;Federer owns the grass!

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