Martina Navratilova dont consider Opposite Gender to be Coach

There have been a lot of talks off late whether the male players should appoint coaches of the opposite gender or not.

Some people have not been in favour of that at all, but, Martina Navratilova, the former Czech Republic legend, has a different opinion.

According to her, it’s about the understanding between the player and the coach. If the two of them understand each other well, the partnership is going to go on for long.

There have not been too many guys in the professional circuit who have dared to take any such step in the recent times.

Andy Murray is the only one who is being guided by a female at the moment and the Scot is doing fine.

Navratilova reckons that Murray’s success under a female coach would make people start believing that gender does not have much to do with coaching.

If a male can be a good coach to a female player and can make her successful all around, why can’t it happen the other way around?

That’s Navratilova’s question and that’s quite a valid question actually. As a coach, you don’t need to show physical strength. Your job is to address where the player is going wrong and help him/her to get that problem sorted and there is no reason why a female, who has good knowledge of the game, can’t do that.

The way Murray has been able to fix issues in his game working with Amelie Mauresmo in the last 6 months or so and start winning on a consistent basis again; it has only enhanced the reputation of female coaches.

Navratilova herself has worked as a coach and she is still doing so, but, she has never been hired by a male player.

Nobody has won more slams than Navratilova in the history of the game if we talk about the singles and doubles titles together.