Wawrinka Unhappy With Reschedules

Stanislas Wawrinka is not happy with how his matches in this year’s Wimbledon Championships have been rescheduled.

Wawrinka actually had to play in the Round of 32 on Saturday, but, that match got washed off and the members of the organizing committee decided to postpone that match to Monday.

Wawrinka managed to win that match against Denis Istomin on Monday, but, now, he has to play his next match against Feliciano Lopez tomorrow itself.

If he wins that one, he will have to be ready for the quarter final match within 24 hours. Now, this is tough on any player and thus, Wawrinka’s unhappiness can be understood.

Talking to the reporters at the end of his match against Istomin, Wawrinka said, “The Grand Slam matches are never easy as they are quite lengthy. You have to have three sets in your favour to win. So, you need a bit of break after a match, at least of one day, but, according to this schedule, one out of me, John and Feliciano will be playing on three days successively. This is going to be extremely difficult.”

“I am surely a bit upset. The organizers could have been flexible. If they had rescheduled a junior match and had made me or even John and Feliciano play earlier that day, it would have been much better. But, you know as a player, it’s not possible for you to do anything about these stuffs. You are just supposed to play whenever you are told to.”

Wawrinka, who is the top ranked Swiss player in the world now ahead of Roger Federer, is eager to make a mark at All England Club this season. His performance at that particular venue in the past has not been up to the mark.