Jonas Bjorkman has said that his compatriot Robin Soderling wants to return to professional circuit, but, his physical condition is not allowing him to do so.

Soderling had suffered glandular fever a few years back and he is yet to recover from it completely. He has played a few matches in the recent past, but, he hasn’t managed to play regularly. After playing a couple of games, he disappears.

According to Bjorkman, Soderling tries to train, but, his body has become so much weak from inside that he doesn’t manage to continue training for too long.

Talking to the reporters about Soderling yesterday, Bjorkman said, “Robin wants to start playing again and he tries to practice every now and then, but, he doesn’t seem to have the stamina to continue practicing for a few hours. He practices for 5-7 minutes and then feels the need to take rest. I was with him a few days ago and I saw him trying, but, that illness is still there.”

“It’s a disappointing thing for the tennis fans all over the world especially for the Swedish fans. Everybody wants to see a top player performing.”

“If Robin manages to recover from that disease, it will take him just a few months to be back in top 20. He is a player of very high calibre. But, his fitness is the key. He has lost a lot of weight and he will have to work very hard to build those muscles again.”

When asked about the reasons behind the downfall of the game of tennis in Sweden, Bjorkman said, “We don’t have quality coaches around. That’s the main reason behind the decline of the game in our country.”

Bjorkman had announced his retirement from professional tennis in 2008, but, he came out of his retirement last month and took part in the doubles competition of Stockholm Open.