It looks like Robin Soderling is planning to make a career in the field of administration now. He has been named as the director of the Stockholm Open.

The Swedish player however has denied the speculations that he is going to hang his racquets.

It’s been a while since Soderling had last appeared on the professional tour. He has been out since more than a couple of years.

Soderling had been at a very good position in the world rankings at one point of time in his career, but, he got hit by a strange sort of illness which forced him to keep himself away from the game.

He is still struggling with that problem, but, he is yet to give up on it. He has hopes that he would be able to be back one day and that’s a great sign. Some sportspersons tend to quit when they go though such sort of vicious situations, but, Soderling is not one of them.

The Swedish player released a statement yesterday about why he took over as the Stockholm Open director. That statement reads, “I still have the desire to come back and I am working hard for it, but, meanwhile, I though it’s a good opportunity for me to be involved in the sport in some other way.”

The members of the organizing committee of Stockholm Open also made it clear that Soderling’s new role doesn’t mark the end of his playing career.

They said, “Robin joining as director would benefit the tournament a lot, but, people should not assume that he is done as a player. He is up for the comeback and hopefully, he would succeed in that.”

Despite all that, it’s safe to say that time is running out for Soderling as he has already become 30 years of age.