It has been a very long time since Robin Soderling, the Swede tennis ace was spotted in action on a court. The former world 4 is considered to be one of the nicest tennis stars in the world at this point of time, but sadly his illness has kept him out of action from the professional tennis circuit for quite a long time. The twenty-seven year old tennis ace was irritated by mononucleosis last summer and he is still fighting with the disease to be fit again.

Last year, he was on the highest point of his tennis career, reaching the 4th position in the ATP World Rankings in January but his long absence from the tennis courts has left him to number twenty-four by this point of time.
The Swede tennis player is well known for his lively game play and high liveliness in the match. His absence from the court is missed by a large fan base, but it looks like that he will stay aloof from the game for some time. In February, he was about to make his return but that was hampered by his persistent illness.

On his Facebook page, he wrote, “I was hoping to be ready for tournaments in February but unfortunately I am not there yet. The good news is that the symptoms of the mono like sore throat and fever are gone, but for some reason my body still cannot handle intense training, I get very tired when I do something physical. I am working with my medical team to understand why and what the next step is.”

His fans are really curious to know how long it will take to see him in a tennis court. A mere illness could not prevent a world class tennis pro like him to stay out of action for a long time.