Soderling close to return

Sadly for Soderling, 2012 is proving significantly inferior compared to a successful 2011. The previous year saw him secure titles; Bastad, Marseille, Rotterdam and Brisbane, and in 2009 he produced a career breaking performance when he managed to put an end to Nadals’ 31-match winning streak at the Roland Garros tournament. This year we are yet to see any of the Swede’s brilliance as he has been unable to play even one match, due to him suffering from glandular fever.

Glandular fever; a viral infection also referred to as mononucleosis, attacks the salivary glands and white blood cells causing those affected to experience a high fever, sore throat, tiredness, swollen glands and muscle pain. This nasty illness has prevented Soderling from competing in tennis since last July. No one is as frustrated or disappointed as the Swede himself who has most recently had to sadly withdraw from Wimbledon, the French Open and the Olympics. However, he remains optimistic and confident that he will be able to compete in 2012.

A further exasperation of enduring glandular fever is that due to the nature of the infection it is extremely difficult to gauge a recovery date. Although Soderling is hopeful to return to tennis this year, he is unable to confirm a return date and instead must wait whilst he continues to improve. Tennis is an extremely physically demanding sport, so overdoing training will result in Soderling becoming exhausted. He has to be very careful not to push himself too hard too soon, and instead should take one step at a time.

Soderling fans can take faith and inspiration from Roger Federer who also fought off glandular fever in 2008. Federer is once again at number one and on top form, and although Soderling’s ranking may have slipped, if he is as fortunate as the Swiss, we will see him back on top form in no time.