Rodriguez No Longer Part Of Li Na

Carlos Rodriguez, who has played a key role in reviving Li Na’s career in the last couple of years, is not going to be associated with the player any more. He has left his position about 1 and half years prior to the completion of his contract.

Rodriguez is also contracted to a tennis academy in China and it’s actually from there, Li had taken him on rent.

The officials of that academy had no problem with it initially, but, now, they have started feeling that Carlos has not been able to give enough time to the academy because he has to travel a lot with Li. So, they have decided to call the Argentinean back on a full time basis.

Max Eisenbud, who is the representative of quite a few tennis players including Li, gave all this info to the media yesterday.

Speaking to the media, Eisenbud said, “We had an agreement with the academy to let Carlos work with Li, but, they have told us now that they no longer can allow him to do both the jobs.”

When asked about Li’s reaction to this, he said, “Well, she is obviously not that happy. This is an awkward sort of a situation, but, you know, nothing much can be done about it.”

Rodriguez has had great record as coach over the years. He had guided Justine Henin, the Belgian female player, to as many as 7 slam trophies.

Being impressed by his work as Henin’s coach, Li had taken him on board and he helped the Chinese superstar a lot.

Some significant improvements came in Li’s game after she started working with Rodriguez. She would have liked to keep working with the Argentinean for another season or so, but, it’s not going to be the case now.